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July 15, 2012

Brandy <3 Melville

 Brandy Melville is a super cool italian-born brand r&h happened to stumble upon in Santa Monica. They easily won us over with their festival tanks, sweet cable knits and rockin accessories (Seriously, we spent a lot of time and money in there).

They have stores spread like gems across the globe including Santa Monica, NYC, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Munich. They haven’t hit our shores yet but check out their great online store in the meantime (Shipping to Oz is around $40 but is well worth it)

Follow them on instagram for pretty pictures and new releases… #brandymelvilleusa



December 6, 2011

ASOS – The Urban Tour

Although these Urbanesque little bundles of talent are not gracing the shores of Sydney there is no reason we can’t take a moment to revel in their extreme Awesomeness. An ASOS mens AW11 Collection Initiative ‘The Urban Tour’ is an online collective of some seriously slick D moves in collaboration with some cool kids effortlessly ‘bringing flanno back’.

Taking you on a ghetto chic journey through the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo. L.A, Shanghai and last but not least NYC, ASOS has created an online awakening that combines clothes and culture with just a click of a video. Watch as street dance becomes culture, Skaters become visionaries, fixies over-rule cabs and prepare to take an unforgettable journey around the world…. don’t forget to bring your best flanno, it’s mandatory”

Take the full tour here:

Reeve xx

Who is Reeve? Check out her and other r&h guest bloggers profiles here.

February 22, 2011

NYC Fashion Week – FALL 2011

Fashion Week has started and has again inspired us all for the cooler months ahead! We do love Summer but we must admit we are super excited about layering and wearing chunky hunky knits and also not giving a shit about what our hair looks like. Natural and minimum effort is the key to the style… if that’s not your thing; rebels dye it bright pink or purple and let it fade out. The colour palette is lush and darker than ever; Chocolate, berry, navy blue and a dash of nude are heading to our closets for Autumn (as well as the blackest black of course). To complete the look, get out that chocolate lippy you once used coz it’s baaack! (We recommend you buy a new one though – crusty much?)

Keep an eye on us for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be showing you our fav looks from each city; starting with the big apple. Very tasty.

*Photos courtesy of STYLE.COM &

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