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November 29, 2011

Last Chance for a Mo-mance <3

Only 1 day left to support us supporting Hughster to support Movember. We have helped Hughs page raise over $1000 so far! And although you can donate any time, Hughster has gone out of his way to dirty his face, and our blog, to reach his goal this year. Log onto his page now and donate what you can. Here’s a pic of what horror you have helped create….

Hughster is also a guest blogger for r&h, check his profile out here.

November 20, 2011

Hugh MoClure – The Mustache Man

Well the Hughster has really outdone himself this Movember… Check out that slug! Well worth throwing a few quid at, eh? Do it here:

November 9, 2011

Movember Madness

Watch this vid, get your Mo on, and head to Hughsters Page for some Mo-support

More Mo’s, fun and vids here

November 4, 2011

The mighty sunstache – The girl way to Movember

Check out these 3 different but equally dignified sunglass mo’s…

Grab these from Urban Outfitters and then support us supporting Hughster raise funds for Movember

November 1, 2011

Remember Remember the 1st of Movember

Now that Melbourne cup is done, here’s Hughster beardless! We think he still does ok….

Don’t make him hairless for nothing, throw some cash at the ‘situation’

October 27, 2011

Movember – Our favourite month : {)

Oh Movember, our old friend.
Last year we scoffed at friends that said they intended to participate, imagining them babyishly clean-shaven at first, then with a horrible half stubble, ending up with the same mo, matching smile included, as your dad’s faded pics from the 80’s. But the Movember initiative, now full swing in its 8th year, is well worth a ribbing from your friends, raising over $25 Million last year alone!

Our very own Hugh McClure AKA Hughster will be sleezing up his upper lip for a good cause this year and we will be there to document his progress weekly to help raise funds, beginning with the big first shave this Tuesday, pretty exciting considering we have never seen him without his epic beard.

No need to wait, head to Hugh’s Movember account today and donate towards research for prostate cancer and Depression initiatives….

Raise funds by opening your own account and hosting your own mo-down: