Fair Weather Friends

HUGHSTER – Music Maestro & Beard Lover

Hugh McClure is a twenty-something music aficionado who dedicates all his spare time to his love of music. Hugh is a Senior Staff Writer and Australian correspondent for Indie Shuffle, a music blog running out of San Francisco (which gets over two million hits a month). When he’s not busy sharing the best in new Australian music with the rest of the world, he’ll be  advising the rain&hale family on all that’s good in the live music scene with his weekly gig guide.

Aside from music, Hugh likes facial hair, bow ties, taking covert photos of hipsters, fruit tingles and turtles. Shoot him an email at hugh@indieshuffle.com if you have music to share.

REEVESocial Gypsy

Jessica Reeve is a firey red-head with a passion for all that is inspirational. Eclectic by nature, she believes being amazing is embracing the unconventional collaboration of all your best faults. She lives outside the square and is a strong advocate of food wine and laughter, ask her and she will tell you they should be mandatory staples.

If she could instill in you just one thing it would be that nothing is perfect nor should it be, imperfection is beauty. Join this quirky go getter as she frolics through this little thing we call life.”Let’s play”…

CECILEOp Shop Roadie

Named by rain&hale as ‘The Queen of Re-vamped Vintage’, Cecile Concha is a fun, bubbly girl who is occasionally described as crazy, and always knows how to have a good time.
Passionate for the loves in her life including but not limited to op shopping, fashion, music & kickboxing as well a sharing a special kinda love for all things vintage, hippie and grunge,  this lil’ minx is a retro hippie by day & a vintage vixen by night.

Cecile is a freelance fashion designer and has her own little label ‘maria cecile’; a collection of unique & quirky clothes hand made from preloved fabrics.
Be sure to check her out at The Young Australian Designers Market @ Paddo Town Hall
 CNR Oxford St. & Oatley Rd Paddington every 2nd Saturday of every month 10am – 4:30pm. 

With a great eye for all things vintage, Cecile, your op shop roadie, is here to take you around to share with you endless hidden gems, her latest finds, styling tips & more…..

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