About r&h

 rain&hale live in a world where love knows no bounds….where curiosity is rewarded with renewed hope and endless creativity, and where freedom can be found in those small victories we shrug off every-day.

We have channeled our free-spirited love for life into creating a range with your inner gypsy in mind. We believe we are all gypsies at heart, and our want is to aid you on your eternal search to show it to the world.

 We want our pieces to remind you that it really isn’t about what you wear but how you wear it. It’s about knowing your place in any room because YOU chose it.

Your courage to change will prompt you to try new things, and in turn new things will prompt you to change.
Without inspiration there is no purpose and in our world, there is no right or wrong just beautiful, courageous expression of self.
Remember, we are all wanderers but we are not all lost.

Rain & Hale


One Comment to “About r&h”

  1. But of course we can be lost wanderers! Great site R&H!

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