Five Words – Tell Your Story

Ever heard the chorus line to ‘that’ song or seen a poster (perhaps even a meme) that has managed to sum up your feelings right at that very moment? Just 5 little words that have surprisingly sparked your interest and then circled your head for days? Well, it happened to these 2 talented girlies one too many times, until they decided to create a space where you can attain that warm fuzzy feeling everyday single day…

rain&hale snagged 5 minutes with the 2 creative cats behind the site, to ask just a few curious questions…

What is one thing you both find inspirational about your everyday life?

Music. It can lift you up and get you out of a creative rut in no time. At the moment we’re loving Matt Skiba and the Sekrets. We’re both pretty excited to be heading to Outside Lands Festival as part of our prize for the 2012 Ultrabook Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards.

What would you say to other creative thinkers to encourage them to put their ideas out there like you have?

The internet can be a tough yet wonderful place. Don’t take criticism personally – think of it as a chance to learn from others and be inspired!

We agree! Do either of you have background in or currently work in graphic design? Or what skills do you have that contribute directly to 5 words?

Mel is a full-time graphic designer and I work in Marketing, so we both have skills that contribute directly to Five Words. It’s been a great chance for me to learn more about design and for Mel to have a creative outlet.

We see you have an Etsy store, do you intend on selling these amazing graphic images on a range of mediums?

We do! We’re actually in the process of shortlisting our favourite pieces, which is a massive task since there is nearly 600 of them! We’ll be starting off with a number of prints and expanding from there. Our first range will be online in July. Exciting times!

What do you look for in submissions for the 5 words website?

 Since we do all the design work ourselves we tend to connect with some submissions more than others. If the words are something we can identify with, we seem to use them pretty quickly. As long as it sits well with our other posts we will try to do the submission justice.

How long was it from the birth of the idea to the proud moment of fruition? And was it a difficult journey?

Surprisingly not that long, it was only a few days while we sorted out the details and got the site up and running! Creating something new everyday is probably the most difficult part of Five Words. We go through inspired stages, but we definitely struggle sometimes. It’s all worth it though when we receive an email from someone saying we brighten their day.

Well girls, there’s no denying that’s exactly what you have managed to do. Here’s just a taste of some of the goodies added to their site in the last 6 months…

You heard the ladies, 5 words will be selling these beautiful & inspiring images online really soon so keep you online eyes (and wallets) open on this space…

If you are wanting to submit 5 words that mean a lot to you, you can do it here..




2 Comments to “Five Words – Tell Your Story”

  1. So awesome!!! I love it. And now you have given me much to think about. I wrote my very first mission statement the other day (which has already help me immeasurably).. but hubby thought it was too long. You 5 word mission has got me seriously thinking.


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