Op Shop Roadie @ Seven Hills Salvos

Seven Hills Salvation Army
Building A, 183 Prospect Highway
Seven Hills NSW
Ph (02) 9674 3330

Mon-Fri 8.30am – 4.15pm
Sat 8.30am – 1.15pm

I went a little bit too “furniture happy” here but there were definitely no regrets.
This Salvos is one of the biggest in the west & lucky for me I only live 10 minutes away!
Full of awesome hippie/retro dresses, crochet blankets, curtains, cardigans, blouses, leather jackets & bags, glassware & furniture.

On my day of bargains I managed to grab myself the following to fit into my already super cosy home:
-The most beautiful mirror you ever did see for only $7…..bargain!!
-A simple, but cute, wooden bed side table with a single drawer mind you for $6
– & my fave, a fabulous orange old school staffroom chair……$5
I say staffroom chair because these were the chairs my primary teachers had in their staffroom.
I fell in love with it straight away & if I had a bigger place I would’ve bought the whole lot.

Op Shop Roadie Tips:
**If you buy op shop furniture make sure it can fit somewhere in your house (I’m still trying to master this tip)
**Always check that it is solid & still in good condish….if it’s a chair sit on it, make sure it’s not wobbly etc.
***But again if you love it just get it!!

P.S. I tried to sneak these items into my house but my bf caught me out.
He’s new rule for me…no more furniture for a while….my focus now is on wall hangings hehe.

Happy op shopping people .

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