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May 15, 2012

Wollongong’s Finest: Lee and Me

Located on the eastern side of Wollongong City center, Lee and Me has established quite a name for itself, excelling as both a trendy café and alternative boutique.

 While gazing at their location inside an old heritage two-story terrace house, their unique style and decor is felt before stepping foot into the door. The establishment is furnished with both modern and classic hand carved arrangements, with the walls also offering a place for local artists to showcase their work. The atmosphere aims at increasing Wollongong’s culture scene and enabling people to have a place they can eat, shop, and just relax while enjoying the friendly staff and company of like-minded patrons wanting a place to chill.

 The boutique is located on the second level along with a scenic balcony that houses another dining area. They offer a great range of products for both men and woman, with lesser known brands and one-offs also encouraged, suiting the ambience and steering well away from offering the same thing everyone else is wearing.

 The food is definitely it’s driving point though, their welcomed generous portion sizes, will have you into an induced food coma that you will happily embrace. I highly recommend the Philly Steak Wrap that offers a nice spread of diverse flavours including organic grass-fed eye fillet, grilled onions, melted Swiss cheese, baby spinach and Jalapeno Jam served with fresh tomato and deliciously crisp chips. We didn’t even know Jalapeno Jam existed! Before this we thought there were just strawberry and peach and maybe something called marmalade, so this dish will blow your mind a little bit. The reaction to the Jam and the Chocolate milkshake may have the waitress thinking you’re John Travolta in pulp fiction but she won’t judge. Offering an all day breakfast is great too, because sometimes you don’t wake up till after 12 and you just want some eggs and bacon to rid you of your hazy memories from the night before.

 In a perfect world our atmosphere would be composed of jalapeno jam, but until that happens pop on over to Lee and Me and live it for a lunchtime… and maybe pick yourself up something nice to wear afterwards.

Written by cameo guest blogger James McLaughlin – Graphic design extraordinaire and founder of I Become William.