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May 27, 2012



Miss Lily’s – Spontaneous Caribbean vacation getaway.

Jamaican hut, juice bar, bakery, record store and radio station brings tropical vibes to downtown Manhattan. We fell in love with Miss Lily’s as soon as we heard the sweet sounds of reggae. The place is decked out with vinal booths, album covers and the staff are just oh so dreamy. Specialising in classic island cooking the jerk grilled corn with toasted coconut was definitely the favourite followed by the curried goat and jerk pork burgers. Washing it down with delicious cocktails like the “Pressure Drop” (sake, lime juice and kaffir lime leaves).

Runners up:

Drunk brunch with a kick – Poco NY

Wine and dine – Beauty and Essex

Gourmet gastro pub – The Spotted Pig

Field day of food – Smorgasburg Brooklyn flea food market

Bakery boutique – Three Tarts ice cream sandwiches are delish!


To see local designers you must go and visit the Flea markets in Brooklyn – Brooklyn’s Artists and Flea Markets.

Best op shop/second-hand store was the Family Jewels and Beacons Closet. You’ll find some fabulous pieces dating right back to the flappers and gangsters.

For all your gadget needs you must go to Dijital Fix in Brooklyn. Cool products range from cameras, artwork, record players and apparel.

Favourite chain stores – Urban Outfitters, H&M, LF Stores and the amazing Anthropologie.


Roof top cocktail/French inspired – Hotel Chantelle

Great (potent) cocktails and a mix of music head to – Chloe 81

PianosGot to see one of our favourite Aussie bands WIM

Best speakeasy bar – Hotel Delmano

For the beer lovers – Brooklyn Brewery


Shake Shack – BEST hot dogs in Manhattan!!


Brooklyn Bridge – You will enjoy outstanding views of the surroundings including Manhattan and Governors Island by either walking or riding your bike. You can also see the Statue of Liberty!

Museum – The MET

Central Park – Must have a lazy day and escape the hustle and bustle in this beautiful park.

FAVOURITE COFFEEWe hunted far and wide to find REAL coffee. Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea is the shit!


Tortilla Flats – Drunk bingo! Cheap tex-mex and jugs of margheritas are on the menu. And when 8pm hits, it’s B I N G O time!

Tequila shots anyone?

r&h xx

May 25, 2012

Gee Mikki – Photographer Extraordinaire

Aren’t chance meetings tremendous? We met Mikki at a Husky gig at the Standard at the end of 2011 when she took our photo – a quick chat and a business card swap and the alliance had been established.

Mikki started out as a street photographer, but now makes a crust taking photos of the most excellent gigs around town. Rather than just snapping away hoping for a good shot, she really thinks about the photos she’s taking.

“I’m intrigued by lights, and love crowd shots. I enjoy shooting bands who move around a lot or are quirky on stage. I need to walk away with the unconventional shot after every gig – not your regular close up of the singer in front of the mic with their mouth open and their eyes closed. I don’t want my photos to be repetitive. I need to be WOWed by my own photos.”

We were so WOWed by Mikki’s work that we asked for her help with our latest Vintage photo shoot which we released earlier in the week.

After taking a short sabbatical from photography, Mikki’s just started getting back into the swing of things and is looking to try out more fashion/product photography in the near future. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out her website.

May 23, 2012

Pre-loved for your wardrobe

We are so excited to finally be able to show you some pieces from our pre-loved range that will be released during Winter and Spring. We’ve been hunting far and wide, collecting pieces ranging from floaty dresses to band tees to indie inspired leather jackets. We’ve done all the work for you! All you have to do is simply click on the garment you’re wanting to love and cherish and it will send you directly to our online shop. Be sure to get in quick girls, we only have one of each.

Be the cool kid in that pre-loved piece carefully picked from the r&h team!

Fashion/Love/Styling: rain&hale  Photography: Laraine Gillen  Editing: Mikki Gomez & Haley Johnston 

Model: Sophy Jones  Make up: Jess Reeve


May 20, 2012

The Fanny Pack is Back!

One thing we learnt at Coachella, apart from the obvious facts like only Florence could pull off wearing a lycra body suit with a cape, was that cool bitches wear fanny packs. Fact.

Not only are they the perfect colour splash addition to your outfit, they’re just so damn convenient, leaving those hands free for air guitaring. Or fist pumping. Or whatever you like to do with your hands at festivals. The possibilities are endless!

We’re even seeing them on the catwalk…

It makes me wonder why we’ve been fighting them off all these years. Oh yeah this is why….



May 17, 2012

A Lady In Red…

 Ever wondered what life would be like as a red-head?

Born a lady who indeed has a little more than just a tinge of the ginge and who has dabbled in adorning heads of the blonde, brunette and balliage variety I feel qualified to give you an un-biased perspective.
I believe there is, and has been a new dawn approaching. A dawn where being, and being with a red-head is sought after. We are a feisty breed, and not to mention, more often than not highly intellectual. I think the extra smarts were science’s way of saying ‘sorry about the childhood torment, here’s a few extra cells’. And there was that, childhood torment… Let me give you some background. If my memory serves me correctly I believe I was dubbed “small ears, carrot tops”, granted from the not so endearing nicknames I’ve heard others talk of since, I got off easy. I remember one time on camp our school had merged with other fellow adolescent campers and decided to enrich our lives with a barn dance, cough. There was a boy who proclaimed to me after dancing and holding the hands of every other person in front of me that “he only touched people he liked” and refused to hold my hand as a result of my head of red. This can be quite detrimental when you’re 8. I was asked in year 7 by some un-godly rather rotund year 12 boy if my carpets matched the drapes. I’ve been yelled at from cars by grotty hard on the eye bogans, called fire crotch by management and told by a girl I worked with once that she just didn’t like red-heads, ‘oh , but you’re the exception.’ This isn’t a sob story, if there was pity stirring within your emotions stop right there. This story needs anything but.

During my teen-esque years, desperately desiring a sense of normality, I ditched the rogue locks for a while and went blonde, then brunette, then blonde, then brunette… I’m very easily bored. During one of my blonde phases I also adopted an addiction to fake tan and decided that my university days were best spent as a gym junkie. I was blonde, ridiculously thin, and tanned. I somehow single-handedly embraced the complete opposite of everything I naturally was. My mother would say to me “you will never be happy or meet the right person until you are proud of who you are.” So, I did what any girl in her very early twenties would do, scoff and ignore every word she said. It never occurred to me that 5 years on she would be so incredibly right. After a Myriad of ridiculously bad life choices, broken hearts and drunken nights I thought to myself, is this me? Is this my life?!…Simply, no.

As I quickly approach my quarter of a century, I believe it has been almost a year since I embraced my inner rang, ditched the fake tan and stopped obsessing over being thin. Can I tell you, I have never felt more alive. Granted, at first it was hard, when you give up being blonde you pretty much giving up half of your allocated ‘attention’ quota. But as they say quality over quantity – this I now have.  I was actually forced to grow as person, and develop myself in ways that were beyond skin deep. This potential to find myself had always been there, laying dormant awaiting its opportunity to be awakened and unleashed – it was just, ahh?… Momentarily, covered by a smokey cloud of orange hues and peroxide tones.

The interesting life moments that come from being gingerly inclined are never few and far between. I recently went on a date with a guy who let slip his 2011 goal was to “bang a hot red-head.” I often wonder if the recent surge in the popularity of the lass with flames is due to recent shows like mad men in which men of power celebrate and seek strong red-headed women. One of my favourite lines from John Cooper, “I love red heads, they’re like a drop of jam in a glass of milk.”  Our allure, for those who are evenly slightly intrigued by a copper beauty seems to be one of intense proportions.

So, if I can give one piece of sound advice to my fellow ladies of red – do not try to fit in when you are born to stand out.

Written artfully and inspiringly by  Jessica Reeve: A bangin’ hot red-head & Co-founder of  creative group The Awkward Collective.

May 15, 2012

Wollongong’s Finest: Lee and Me

Located on the eastern side of Wollongong City center, Lee and Me has established quite a name for itself, excelling as both a trendy café and alternative boutique.

 While gazing at their location inside an old heritage two-story terrace house, their unique style and decor is felt before stepping foot into the door. The establishment is furnished with both modern and classic hand carved arrangements, with the walls also offering a place for local artists to showcase their work. The atmosphere aims at increasing Wollongong’s culture scene and enabling people to have a place they can eat, shop, and just relax while enjoying the friendly staff and company of like-minded patrons wanting a place to chill.

 The boutique is located on the second level along with a scenic balcony that houses another dining area. They offer a great range of products for both men and woman, with lesser known brands and one-offs also encouraged, suiting the ambience and steering well away from offering the same thing everyone else is wearing.

 The food is definitely it’s driving point though, their welcomed generous portion sizes, will have you into an induced food coma that you will happily embrace. I highly recommend the Philly Steak Wrap that offers a nice spread of diverse flavours including organic grass-fed eye fillet, grilled onions, melted Swiss cheese, baby spinach and Jalapeno Jam served with fresh tomato and deliciously crisp chips. We didn’t even know Jalapeno Jam existed! Before this we thought there were just strawberry and peach and maybe something called marmalade, so this dish will blow your mind a little bit. The reaction to the Jam and the Chocolate milkshake may have the waitress thinking you’re John Travolta in pulp fiction but she won’t judge. Offering an all day breakfast is great too, because sometimes you don’t wake up till after 12 and you just want some eggs and bacon to rid you of your hazy memories from the night before.

 In a perfect world our atmosphere would be composed of jalapeno jam, but until that happens pop on over to Lee and Me and live it for a lunchtime… and maybe pick yourself up something nice to wear afterwards.

Written by cameo guest blogger James McLaughlin – Graphic design extraordinaire and founder of I Become William.

May 14, 2012

Coachella Fun & Fashion



It’s almost all we can say about our long weekend of music, sun and red bull at one of the most talked about music festivals in the world.

Amongst our most loved sets were Gotye – with a surprise appearance from Kimbra, Band of Skulls, Santigold – who put on one hell of a danceable show, the unsurpassable goddess Florence (and her machine) and of course; shock highlight of Coachella being a surprise appearance by 2pac himself! Well, not himself but it was still a truly an amazing thing to see.

In terms of fashion on the field (so to speak) there were some pretty hectic costumes running around, including some very under-dressed superheroes, rock stars and super models. But mainly there were just some stand out babes rocking some amazing festival gear.

Here are some of our digital mementos from three of the best days of our lives so far….


May 11, 2012

All Summer stock 30% off!

We’re loving the sunshine at the moment and to celebrate its glory we’re giving you 30% off our Summer stock! We only have a few pieces left of each style, so get in quick before the clouds come!

Shopaholics enter here

May 10, 2012

MET Gala 2012 – Best Dressed

Here are our faves from the biggest fashion event in New York.

                    Amy Adams in Giambattista Valli  // Victoria Justice in Alexander McQueen

                               Amber Heard in Zac Posen // Diana Agron in Carolina Herrer  

                                              Bee Shaffer in Erdem // Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren  


                                                 **Photos from Red Carpet Fashion Awards **

May 9, 2012

Fashion Weekend Winner!

Congratulations to ANNE D’SOUZA

….who is the lucky gal who’ll now be shopping up a storm with a friend this weekend at

Have a ball and grab some bargains for all us gals that can’t make it!

 Thanks to everyone who participated and keep you pretty lil’ eyes peeled for more giveaways & competitions coming up on r&h.