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April 13, 2012

r&h Style Tips…STRIPES

Oh stripes. How we hate to love you… Why are we all so attracted to them when they make us look so unflattering?

Well here are a few DO’s & DON’T’s for those who refuse to give up on them…

1. DO: First we just had to show you someone doing it right. Striped garments almost always look better on the lower half, making you look smaller on top and keeping the pattern away from your face. Safe to put with block colours of almost any kind. If your feeling a bit ‘hippy’ that day, thinner stripes are best.

2. DON”T: Stripes are a difficult area for most people, especially plus size men and women, including expecting mothers.  Although very pretty, this mother to be looks like she is carrying saddlebag.

3. DO: A lot of guys love wearing striped tee’s but it’s sometimes a little daunting, but this is exactly how it’s done. Hint, if your of a smaller build, stripes help your shoulders look broader.

4. DON’T: Big stripes and little stripes CAN go to together, but can easily go wrong. Try avoiding higher necks or long sleeves, as it is quite easy to lose your shape.

5. DON’T: Vertical stripes are gone gone gone. Ashley has the right idea with this scholar style blazer, but isn’t quite pulling it off. And if she can’t there isn’t much hope for the rest of us. Leave pinstripes in the 90’s.

6. DON’T: Although she looks kinda sweet still, this outfit is just too much. Always remember, when it comes to stripes, keep it SIMPLE.