Floating Fields of Color In Your Wardrobe and Your Home

Todays fashion and interior design styles reference and reflect art history.

The Abstract Expressionist Color Field Painting Movement is the inspiration for the color-blocking trend found in both fashion and interior design this spring. Abstract Expressionism was a rejection of past modes of artistic expression such as Social Realism. It was a reaction to the loss of faith in old systems brought on by World War II. The late 1940s, 50s and 60s were experimental decades and the art produced during this time imitated the life.

We saw the color-blocking trend in Spring 2011 fashion collections mostly in accessories. It appears to be back and bolder than before in Spring 2012 resort ready to wear collections. Styles take a little longer to translate into interiors, but the color blocks have made their way to interior spaces.

To avoid the rainbow bright look follow the lead of the modern color field masters. Mark Rothko knew how to evoke an emotional, almost spiritual reaction with his monumental size color field paintings. He usually achieved this effect with three colors.  Follow his lead and style your ensemble and your home with either analogous (colors from the same family located next to one another on the color wheel), or neutral (whites, creams, grays, browns, blacks) fashion and decorative accessories.

Guest Blogger – Alexis Tompkins, Art Consultant & Interior Designer


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