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April 30, 2012

Fashion Weekend Sydney

What is Fashion Weekend?

Australia’s biggest shopping event!

Yes. It’s exactly what you hope it is. Clothing & accessories from over 100 of Australia’s leading designers with discounts of up to 70% off retail price, plus DJ’s, wine bars, hair & beauty stations.

Opening Times
Thu 10: 5pm – 9pm
Fri 11: 12noon – 9pm
Sat 12: 10am – 5pm
Sun 13: 10am – 5pm

Thursday – Silver : $30.00
Thursday – Gold: $50.00
Thursday – Platinum: $60.00
Fri – Sat -Sun: Silver: $20.00
Fri – Sat – Sun: Gold: $40.00
Fri – Sat – Sun: Platinum: $50.00
VIP : $95.00

Buy tickets HERE

April 25, 2012

Demi Moore VS Liv Tyler

We’ve been having this debate for a while now. So we have decided to  put it to the people. What do you think? Liv or Demi?

April 24, 2012

Hughster’s April Playlist

Stuck at home while the girls take their show on the road, Hughster has put together a playlist of his favourite tracks from up-and-coming Australian musicians. This playlist spans a number of genres – dance, indie, pop and rock – there’s something for everyone!

(click the song name to play!)

Toucan : “Brave New World

Gung Ho : “Twin Rays

Jubilants : “Spain

The Preachers : “Take a Card

Lancelot : “Spoken Word

Tourism : “Horses back

Oliver Tank : “Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion

Made in Japan : “Sights and Sounds

SURES : “Poseidon

Kill City Creeps : “I Got a Letter

April 23, 2012

Fashion Palette

Establishing Australia as a fashion empire of its own, Fashion Palette are now in their 4th year hosting this event, known as a hub of networking for established and emerging designers. If like us, this seems like somewhere you should definitely be, then it probably is.

Best thing to do is Join on FB to keep up on the haps as the event draws closer

There is also, like any well advised fashion event, an after party at Hugo’s Lounge starts at 8pm – $25

Pre-purchase all your tickets here



April 22, 2012

r&h new release!

New to rain&hale

‘Sex Panel Singlet’

Now available online @



April 19, 2012

What shall i drink while listening to…

You always match your cheese with your wine but what about the music you listen to? Well Drinkify has come to the rescue! Simply type in the music you’re listening to and then voila! You have yourself a fancy beverage to match the tunes you’re listening to.

Happy Friday everyone!



April 18, 2012

USA love: Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is positioned on the south-west coast of L.A. and is the perfect town to stop in at to relax and unwind.

It’s that great mix between Byron Bay and  Brunswick street,  Jam packed full of drunken truckies and overly attractive volleyballers.

Note: These pics were taken by Rain herself, and were not photoshopped. It just looks this damn good all the time!



April 17, 2012

Model Watch: Michelle Hissey

South Australian wild child Michelle Hissey turns heads wherever she goes, from Sydney to Paris. The Brooke Shields lookalike, with slightly menacing green eyes lurking under those impressive brows, appeared on the cover of down-under indie mag Yen before being whisked off to New York as IMG’s latest acquisition. This is no girl next door. – Hint Fashion Magazine

April 16, 2012

r&h New Release!

New to rain&hale

‘Loved Lace Maxi Skirt’

Now available online @



April 13, 2012

r&h Style Tips…STRIPES

Oh stripes. How we hate to love you… Why are we all so attracted to them when they make us look so unflattering?

Well here are a few DO’s & DON’T’s for those who refuse to give up on them…

1. DO: First we just had to show you someone doing it right. Striped garments almost always look better on the lower half, making you look smaller on top and keeping the pattern away from your face. Safe to put with block colours of almost any kind. If your feeling a bit ‘hippy’ that day, thinner stripes are best.

2. DON”T: Stripes are a difficult area for most people, especially plus size men and women, including expecting mothers.  Although very pretty, this mother to be looks like she is carrying saddlebag.

3. DO: A lot of guys love wearing striped tee’s but it’s sometimes a little daunting, but this is exactly how it’s done. Hint, if your of a smaller build, stripes help your shoulders look broader.

4. DON’T: Big stripes and little stripes CAN go to together, but can easily go wrong. Try avoiding higher necks or long sleeves, as it is quite easy to lose your shape.

5. DON’T: Vertical stripes are gone gone gone. Ashley has the right idea with this scholar style blazer, but isn’t quite pulling it off. And if she can’t there isn’t much hope for the rest of us. Leave pinstripes in the 90’s.

6. DON’T: Although she looks kinda sweet still, this outfit is just too much. Always remember, when it comes to stripes, keep it SIMPLE.