Maids Kill It On Stage

Last night we ducked into the charming Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst to view a highly anticipated ‘Enigma‘ produced performance of ‘The Maids’.

This darkly devilish story of two sisters that conspire to murder their Madame and free themselves from their suffocating oppression is surprisingly intriguing and at times shocking, with the cast of Emily Elise, Brinley Meyer & Alison Lee Rubie outshining each other through complexly multifaceted roles. Lets just say, the seat you purchase won’t be needed as you will only use the very edge anyway.

‘The Maids’ plays  this week until Sunday night and is well worth a look in.  Pop in early, have a stroll through the gallery and a tipple of champers. Tickets are just $25 and can be bought online at moshtix or at the door, but get in early!

And don’t forget to keep your eye on the fantastic costume design by yours truly!




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