Interview – SURES

Sydney-based band SURES has been all over the place during the early stages of 2012, with their laid-back surf-pop in high demand. We took five minutes with SURES founding member Matty Hogan who ran us through his thoughts on music and Target basics.

How did SURES get together?

We were just mates playing music together really, we both have similar ideas about pop music so it’s easy to collaborate. 

The last time I saw you play towards the end of 2011, it was in front of about 20 people. Since then, you’ve been asked to support well-known bands like Best Coast and Real Estate as well as opening the Sydney Laneway Festival. What happened?

I honestly don’t know, we’re too lazy to actively promote ourselves so I would chalk it up to chance and a lot of luck.

How much of an influence is Triple J, and in particular the Unearthed stream, for up and coming Australian bands?

I would say pretty big, I can’t think of too many upcoming Australian pop bands that have popped up in the last year that weren’t Unearthed. 

What bands influence you creatively, and what Australian bands are you loving at the moment?

Creatively we are all over the place. Recently we’ve both been getting into the new hardcore/punk stuff coming out like La Dispute and Cloud Nothings. Recently before practice we’ve been listening to a chapter or two of R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet,’ better then any daytime soap.

This is predominantly a fashion blog, so I’ll ask you about your particular style. How important do you think fashion is when creating a band’s image (if at all)?

Well I can’t really speak for us because generally we dress pretty horribly. At Laneway Jonas wore our hideous high school sports shorts. If i was to name our fashion style it would be something to do with Target $5 basics and thongs. I suppose you can generally pick a bands genre from the way they dress though – music seems to be a powerful motivator for people to choose a lifestyle. 

SURES :: Poseidon mp3 download

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