::Mardi Gras Parade::


Fortunately for us, Sydney always gets a bit wild around Mardi Gras time. The streets light up, the colours come out and all that is strange and exciting begins to emerge.

Celebrations are already in full swing, but everyone knows the highlight of MG is the parade.
So for all those who sit back and think they can’t get involved, you’re so wrong! Throw on every colour in your wardrobe, douse yourself in glitter and head to Oxford and Flinders Street in Taylors Square tomorrow 3rd March. Parade officially starts at 7.45 and finishes at 10pm but we have a feeling there will be plenty of fun to be had either side of that.

If you love the parade but you’re more of a bystander, then Glamstand or Club Tropicana is the place for you to celebrate while enjoying a great view of the parade.

For all not participating in the parade, I suggest not driving anywhere near there tomorrow night. Traffic is always at a standstill for blocks surrounding. We know first hand.

For more deets on this and other Mardi Gras events head to:


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