James Vincent McMorrow – “Early in the Morning” Australian Tour

Warm, heart-felt and incessantly beautiful, James Vincent McMorrow’s debut record “Early in the Morning” is nothing short of a masterpiece. Already released throughout Europe and the States, Dew Process have pulled off a major coup by bringing the Irishman’s music to Australia.

Self-recorded over five months while holed away in a small cabin by the ocean, McMorrow also played all the instruments on the album. mesmerizing and rapturous, this will astound even the biggest music skeptic with its pure brilliance. I cannot help but compare him with Bon Iver, who just won two Grammy awards.

“Early in the Morning” can currently be streamed here, with the album ready for full release on the 2nd March. To celebrate the release, McMorrow will be touring the East Coast soon after. Don’t miss a chance to see this man live.

Wednesday April 11, The Vanguard, Newtown.


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