Interview – Willow & Blake

From the moment we discovered the brilliant jack-of-all-traders Willow & Blake, we fell in love with their witty anecdotes, sharp wit and their attention-grabbing feature articles. Rain&Hale took a few moments to discuss all things WB with the enigmatic Jess Hatzis, one of the Melbourne-based wordsmiths who have managed to both constantly challenge and keep us chuckling in recent months.

 R&H loves W&B.

Who, what and why is Willow & Blake? Give us a rundown on the line-up and what business has been like since going “Full-time”.

Who: An undisclosed amount of individuals. 
What: A writing agency, with a penchant for producing content that doesn’t make people put their fist through their computer screen.
Why: Computer screens are expensive.
How’s life?  Let’s just say, we are going to find it very difficult to work for someone else, ever again.

How did Willow & Blake start, and what are your inspirations?
To be blunt, most online content sucks, and we were sick of it. 
Online ‘publications’ became mass production facilities, churning out articles like they were golf balls. I don’t know how long a golf ball takes to make but they all look the same and the one time my dad tried to make me play golf I spent the entire time plotting the theft of a golf buggie.

Do you have any sagely advice for those who want to start a career in writing?
Read & write. Sounds simple huh? You’d be surprised how many people I stumble across that claim to be writers, yet have never read a single line of work from some of the greatest authors in existence. It shits me to tears. You cannot grow as a writer until you start reading. Right now I’m digging “The Old man and the Sea” by Hemmingway – his writing style is incredibly simple, yet he manages to lace in so many intricacies to each story. It’s quite a skill and one I wouldn’t think to try had I not read his work.

World domination aside, where do you see Willow & Blake in the future?
We just want to keep writing things that make our readers think, perhaps one day from the comfort of our private villas in Bali.

Hailing from Melbourne – the fashion capital of Australia – what are you guys digging fashion-wise at the moment? Shout out time…
Yesterday I stepped out donning a black dress, short at front, long at back, high neck, long sleeves, black and gold cape, black nails and tattoos showing throw peep holes. Sometimes I’m so Melbourne, it makes me ill. 
When I’m not channeling Morticia Adams, I’m diggin’ florals – especially in the form of your hot “Don’t stop me now shorts”.
I have a big fat crush on the cowgirl trend at the moment – we are all utterly obsessed with Wildfox.

W&B loves R&H.

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