The Maids Play It Up…

Our good friends Alison Rubie and Steve Hopley, founders of production company Enigma, are gearing up for their debut production of ‘ Jean Genet’s’ fascinating and enigmatic masterpiece – The Maids. And we will once again be again be lending a happy hand in the wardrobe department.

So… what’s it about?

Claire and Solange are Maids: sick to the gullet of being scuffed under the heels of their lady mistress. In a twisted evening of power-shifting role play, the two girls bite and scratch at one another in a vicious struggle to the top – a ritualistic tug-of-war which must finally end in silence or in sacrifice. A turbulent exploration of the games we play, this classic French play was written by Jean Genet, a controversial figure whose work was subsequently banned in Australia and elsewhere around the world. Considered by many to be his finest and most monstrous creations, Genet’s naughty maids allow him to aim the barrel at class, criminality, sex and power.

We can’t wait to finally see this great work come to life on the stage with some fantastic direction and extremely talented actors.

‘The Maids’ will play at the TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst from March 13-18, and tickets are available online through or 1300 GETTIX.

r&h are behind them all the way and are asking for your support in getting this production up and running! If you’re keen to contribute to this project, or if maybe know someone who can, send them to ‘The Maids’ fundraising page at:

Anything you might be able to contribute, however small, will make all the difference!

Hope to see you all there



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