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January 24, 2012

Modelwatch: Baby Moss

Speaking of fine lines… This is Kate Moss’ lil’ half-Sister (same father) and she is just 13 very young years!

In these pictures, shot for Oyster mag  by Andrea Carter-Bowman in November last year, she looks much older than her tender 13 years, even though she is one year younger than Kate was when she was ‘discovered’.

Spotted at Jamie and Kate’s wedding last year she was quickly picked up by ‘Storm’, the agency that represents Kate. Although she can’t catwalk until 16 years of age, we’re going to keep an eye on Lottie’s modelling cameos until then. We are expecting big things from this little Moss, and we all know she has some pretty big shoes to fill.

January 21, 2012

The Maids Play It Up…

Our good friends Alison Rubie and Steve Hopley, founders of production company Enigma, are gearing up for their debut production of ‘ Jean Genet’s’ fascinating and enigmatic masterpiece – The Maids. And we will once again be again be lending a happy hand in the wardrobe department.

So… what’s it about?

Claire and Solange are Maids: sick to the gullet of being scuffed under the heels of their lady mistress. In a twisted evening of power-shifting role play, the two girls bite and scratch at one another in a vicious struggle to the top – a ritualistic tug-of-war which must finally end in silence or in sacrifice. A turbulent exploration of the games we play, this classic French play was written by Jean Genet, a controversial figure whose work was subsequently banned in Australia and elsewhere around the world. Considered by many to be his finest and most monstrous creations, Genet’s naughty maids allow him to aim the barrel at class, criminality, sex and power.

We can’t wait to finally see this great work come to life on the stage with some fantastic direction and extremely talented actors.

‘The Maids’ will play at the TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst from March 13-18, and tickets are available online through or 1300 GETTIX.

r&h are behind them all the way and are asking for your support in getting this production up and running! If you’re keen to contribute to this project, or if maybe know someone who can, send them to ‘The Maids’ fundraising page at:

Anything you might be able to contribute, however small, will make all the difference!

Hope to see you all there


January 17, 2012

rain&hale go LIVE!

It’s taken a little over a year to design, source, make and start selling our own range of r&h gear to the happy people of Sydney, and we are so very pleased with the results!!

We want to thank everyone for their support, especially these guys, who over the last 6 months have been an integral part of the r&h crew:

Hughster (Our music man and rock)

Maria Cecile (Our fellow loyal marketer)

James McLaughlin (Our very talented picture editor)

Reeve (Our fancy worded guest blogger and biggest fan)

Jerome (our web assistant)

Mel Griffo (Part time PR)

and last but not least (our beautiful model) Mel Potter…

We’ll be constantly updating the site with new styles and a great vintage line, as well as selling up storms at markets all around Sydney… so ‘like’ us on FB or follow our blog for updates on what markets we are hitting up and when.

Wanna check what we’ve been whipping up? Click HERE.

January 11, 2012

:: Rozelle Sunday Markets ::

 Rozelle Markets are quite the treasure trove on Sundays. See for yourself…

This weekend we’ll be in our 2×3 at Glebe Markets on Saturday with our fellow market bandit Maria Cecile.

January 10, 2012


It’s finally here! Released merely a few hours ago the 2012 COACHELLA line up is out of control even by the toughest of standards. From Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine to Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre (see official line up poster below) this festival has just rewritten the definition of California cool. Can Somebody fast forward to April, pretty please?!  Ticket will be released this Fri 10am PST time, if you’re prepared to get down and dirty (like us) to fight for one of these puppies we suggest you arm yourself with at least 2 computers, a smart phone and a tablet device. You know, just for safe measure… Game on.

Reeve xx

Who is Reeve? Check out her and other r&h guest bloggers profiles here.

January 6, 2012

Hughster’s Gig Guide – January

I’ll be taking a sabbatical in the States during January so I’ve put together a list of the best gigs of the month for you to devour. I’ll be with you in spirit!

Thursday 5th January: Blood Orange – Goodgod Small Club – $36.80

Breathtaking pop music from the artist formerly known as Lightspeed Champion.

Friday 6th January: Flying Lotus – Metro Theatre – $59.70

Production at its very best, Flying Lotus should not be missed on his annual tour.

Saturday 14th January: Cant – The famous Spiegeltent, Sydney Festival – $43

As a member of Grizzly Bear, multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor is  brings his solo project, Cant, to the Sydney Festival.

 Friday 20th January: Alpine – Oxford Art Factory – $18.40

If you haven’t heard of Melbourne 6-piece Alpine, you haven’t read this gig guide before. They’re touring to celebrate the release of their new single, “Hands”.

Saturday 21st January: Whitest Boy Alive – Keystone Festival Bar – SOLD OUT

Hopefully you were quick and snapped up tickets to Whitest Boy Alive earlier as this event has sold out. If not, start making friends.

Sunday 29th January: Active Child – Oxford Art Factory – $49.20

This will be the gig of the month, and quite possibly the year. Active Child’s ambient beauty took the world by storm last year. In town for the Laneway Festival Tour, he’ll be supported by  locals Caitlin Park and Oliver Tank – this is a gig you should arrive on time to!

We will miss you Hughster! Bring us back the kind of coolness you can only get from the NYC.  Check out hughsters, and other guest bloggers, profiles here.

January 4, 2012

Welcome Summer

Welcome back internet peeps!!

We’ve been off enjoying time with friends and family and now its back to the office/sweat shop. Not that we are worried… the sun is finally out and the best of summer fashion is in. If you’re not already in the spirit (or don’t already have a lobster coloured tan like us) then this story from ‘Planet Blue’  is definitely gonna get you into your bikini…