Bill Cunningham

I had the pleasure of viewing ‘Bill Cunningham New York’ this weekend at the Palace Verona on Oxford St. Yes, my $20 membership may make me a little bias but there is something about this hidden gem that makes films somewhat more enjoyable. Perhaps, it is due to the authenticity that exudes from the surroundings as you walk through the vintage doors and immediately onto red carpet, none the less it one of my favourite places to catch a non-mainstream piece of wonderment.

In an age where social media and smart phone Apps cultivate a new wave of “photographers” it is a rarity to find those who embody what is truly means to live and breathe their art – 80+ year old Bill Cunningham is that rarity.

‘Bill Cunningham New York‘ a film by Richard press capture’s and explores one man’s extraordinary life as one of NYC most influential and respected photographers led in the simplest of terms. A must see film of the year; this documentary inspires and appreciates what it truly means to be a photographer stripped bare of technology. Get excited and get involved.

Reeve xx

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