Major Raiser is Majorly Awesome

In today’s me-first world, it’s incredible to come across a group dedicated to helping others. Major Raiser, the innovation of Sydney’s Dominic Greenwood, is one of those few. A social enterprise that uses live music and creativity to raise awareness of social issues, Major Raiser is gearing up for their biggest event yet.
Imagine going to see a gig showcasing a multitude of fresh local bands including New Navy, Rapids and Skryptcha, with the cost of your ticket going towards providing vital funds for a South African orphanage, Botshabelo. This is exactly what will be occurring on December 10 at Surry Hills’ Gaelic Club, with the venue transforming into a massive party for charity.

Aside from the music, Interwoven’s “Sunshadows” installation will transform the Gaelic into a world of colours, lights and shapes by using recycled fabrics and scavenged objects. Each attendee will receive a piece of fabric which they will be encouraged to weave onto fences surrounding the theatre. These structures will then be transported to Botshabelo when the Major Raiser team visits, creating a simple yet powerful bond.

All it takes is to help out is to spread the word about this special event, purchase a ticket here, and enjoy! Pretty simple sell huh?

Aside from the amazing Dom, special love should also go out to Rachael Lord, superhuman.

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