Ryan Gosling = Dreamboat

We are ever so slightly concerned that our blog is turning into a RG fan site, although in our defense it’s not our fault Ryan’s talents extend faaaaar past his six-pack.

In 2008, based on Ryan and (his fellow band member) Zach’s shared obsession with ghosts, the band ‘Dead Mans Bones’ was founded. The uncovering of the band is exciting on both a musical and an ecstatic fan level, ever adding to our captivation with the endearing Mr Gosling. Their official .net site is one of the strangest we have seen and a complete mystery to navigate (Let us know if you make any progress past the wandering eyes). None the less, check it out. They currently have no plans to tour but perhaps we could start a petition? Who’s with us?

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do…


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