St George TAFE School Of Fashion

Although the parade isn’t til November 30th, we stopped in at The Muse last week to have a sneak peek at the 3rd years final collections from St George TAFE School Of Fashion. And as always, each year we visit we are blown away with the talent – “absolutely fabulous darrrling.” It’s always nice to see how the school is evolving and producing the next (and best) fashionistas. There was bursts of colour, amazing prints and the way they used their space for showing was innovative,  original and enticing *cough* chocolate gets us every time. As I was walking through each designers space, it had taken me back to when I was in my last year. I knew exactly how they were feeling – excited, anxious and sleep deprived but it’s all worth it in the end.

If you want to be amazed and inspired please come and see the parade held at Byron Kennedy Hall on the 30th of Nov. 2 shows only – $10 for matinée and $25 for the evening show. For all deets see below or visit:


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