Canon EOS Photo5

This amazing competition, now in its 5th year, gained recognition last year after ambassador Ron Howard asked all Canon camera owners for their photo entries.. the winning photo would be the inspiration for a new ‘Imagine’ production. Seriously! So… Safe to say we were dedicated followers of Canon EOS online before we even had an EOS. But now we do! Nothing special.. Just the 1000D we use to take most of the pics for our blog and a few shoots here and there BUT.. enough to encourage our delusions of being actual photographers and making us brave enough to enter this years Canon EOS photo 5.

There are 5 briefs (subject boxes to use as inspiration) 1. Though a pets eyes 2. Foam 3. Sequins 4. Powder 5. Ribbon.
There are winners for best in each brief aswell as an overall winner for best complete portfolio. The prizes are pretty awesome too.

We are super-duper excited to get into this one so we’ll keep you updated on how we go. Here is our first offering to the Canon gods (or as we like to believe; Ron Howard in an eccentrically large white chair) let us know what you think and feel free to share, entries for the first open brief close tomorrow so grab your faithful lens and make the most of your sunday…


Whatcha think?

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