The Cleveland St Mini Pub Crawl

To be a Sydney-sider is to love new restaurants and bars, and Sydney really spoils us. So much so that our list on the fridge of places to haunt is always full, even when we are constantly going somewhere different. So we threw together a list of places to knock over in one night. Obviously proximity played a big role and although the rain made it a little bit hard, it didn’t dampen our spirits and we’ll definitely be doing it again. Our next mini crawl will be in Bondi so let us know here if you are interested in joining or have any suggestions of places we HAVE to go visit!

First stop was The Duck Inn Pub and Kitchen in Chippendale. This cute little kitchenette style ‘home’ is an exact reflection of how you want your weekend country cottage to look, making you feel instantly at ease with hardwood floors, dim lighting, and clean, crisp decor. The staff were great and although we had to move on too quickly to grab a bite, the food has had some great reviews. We will definitely be going back there for a relaxing vino very soon!

Our next stop was a place that we had been excited to go to for a while. The Fern is a renovated terrace house with a great little outdoor patio area ideal for afternoon cocktails. Devastatingly, the rain forced us inside which wasn’t a bad thing cos it’s just a cozy and funked up inside. We have to say, in the interest of giving an honest review, our experience was a little disappointing after a very unaccommodating host and a strange serving of San Choy Bow, but the Argentinian beer and juicy mini burger sliders made up for it and we moved on with smiles on our faces.

Dry Land on Redfern st. Our favourite I think. Candle lit, sexy, amazing service. Amazing cocktails. A free decorative giraffe. Go there.

Last but not least on our list was Eathouse Diner on the corner of Pitt & Chalmers St Redfern. This place stands out as the hipster hang for Redfern. The menu is great, especially if you like seafood, and although it’s a little above average in price it is totes worth it. The cocktail selection is definitely, and was definitely, our highlight. Having filled up on goodies at the fern, we decided to try what turned out to be an unbelievable apple and pear crumble perfectly topped with hazelnut ice cream. Usually we are happy to share but this time we had to slap the slimey little hands away from this delectable dessert.

Whatcha think?

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