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Fashion entrepreneurs Brooke Johnston & Sarah Thornton, founders of designer markets ‘Finders Keepers‘ had recently decided that to sell what they wanted, when they wanted and where they wanted, including their own label ‘Follow’, it was as simple as opening up their own store.

As avid lovers and supporters of Australian designers, their store is happily filled up with clothing, accessories, jewellery, homewares, and other unexpected goodies from over 40 different labels from almost every state in our fair country including me & oli, A Skulk Of Foxes, Naomi Murrell, Oktoberdee, Emily Green and many more, most hand-picked from designers attending FK markets.

Their adorable shoppe, just a few weeks fresh, is on Cleveland Road, and is what used to be a corner store pharmacy; still holding its old world charm with its dark wooden counter and built-in wall-to-wall display cabinets. It is well worth dropping into for the most unique selection of lovelies.

Check out the ‘Follow’ site for more of this and that about these wonderful gals, their store, their featured designers and more.

If you’re interested in being part of ‘Finders Keepers Markets’, applications are open now for December markets here in Sydney.


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