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August 31, 2011

Style Xposure

Entry is free so just rock up and grab a seat. We will definitely be there to spy, ahem, admire other aspiring Oz designers and models. Keeping our eye out for the perfect look for our first range.

August 29, 2011

Kino Love In Wonderland

This solo collection is based on the artists personal take on the storybook classic ‘Wonderland’.

To see Charles’ personal blog click on the picture above. Click below to let everyone on FB know your going. Alternatively, just show up!

August 24, 2011

Kurt Lives….

If like us, your last image of Frances Bean Cobain was as a plump little girl following her mother up the red carpet (which was a little disappointing especially considering her fantastic genetics) these photographs will change all of that.

Freshly 19 and sporting Kurt’s piercing eyes, Courtney’s (previously natural) plump lips and a curious tattoo collection, no one could argue that Frances is smoking hot in these amazingly dark and sensual photos taken for designer HEDI SLIMANE.


Images courtesy of Hedi Slimane… Click here to see more although we put most up as we fell in love with all of them.

August 19, 2011


Directed by photographer Tony Kelly for American Apparel, featuring world-renowned mini break dancers Jalen Testerman and Lil Demon…..

This. Is. Epic.

August 15, 2011

A Festival of Fashion

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney (formerly Rosemount Fashion Festival) will light up the Sydney Town Hall from 23 – 27 August 2011, giving us the chance to play Stylehunter & experience all the magic from Australian Fashion Week, just as the collections land in store for Spring/Summer 2012.

Sydney Fashion Festival is a week-long festival including catwalk shows on the Westfield Runway, designer high teas and after parties from Australia’s leading designers and retailers, presented by world famous stylists.

Tickets are on sale now at with prices starting from $25, up to the very limited edition Front-Row seats!

August 13, 2011

: :Mooshy for Ohgushi: :

Currently based out of Hayama, Japanese self-taught artist Takeshi Ohgushi, creates depictions of women using ancient Japanese implements of brush and ink. His works are considered contemporary BIJINGA (which means “pictures of beautiful women”) and are made very quickly (see the vid at bottom of the page).

With brushes and ink, the typical Japanese tools of calligraphy, Ohgushi creates these delicate watercolour-like illustrations using rolls and sweeps of sumi ink on traditional Japanese paper.

His unique and beautiful technique didn’t take long to attract the attention of numerous magazines including Vogue Nippon, Numero Tokyo and Elle Japan. He has appeared in art books and exhibitions, made lots of magazine editorials, covers and advertising illustrations as well as having collaborated with fashion houses such as Emilio Pucci, renowned for its vivid print patterns.

He has also in recent years created many advertising images for department stores and fashion brands around the world using original techniques that defy classification under any one genre.

In this interview, PingMag introduces us to a bit of the beautiful and sensual tenderness behind OHGUSHI’s work…

How did you start painting with calligraphy brushes and ink?

When I was 21 years old, I returned to my parents’ house after experiencing a setback in painting and discovered a calligraphy set in the closet – and drew an ink and wash picture of a woman. It felt like the most fun thing I had ever done, and I could feel that it was an intriguingly deep world. So I hoped, albeit only slightly, that even I might be able to get somewhere with it.

What is the attraction of ink for you?

Ink has special characteristics, as it quickly spreads on paper, and so there are special techniques. However, I am more attracted to the fact that it is a medium with a special sense of tension: I have to work quickly and precisely.

In your collaboration with Emilio Pucci, you had models wearing Pucci creations posing for you. What is important when working with them?

I look at the model’s contour and find the line that has the biggest number of subsidiary lines and move my brushes around that main line. The use and the number of brushstrokes become all the more important to make the flow from the contour look beautiful.

Again, why do women and flowers fascinate you so much you keep drawing them?

That can’t be explained reasonably: It makes me want to pick up my brushes when my heart twinges for an allurement. I’m constantly thinking about how to better express the essence of that twinge of heart.

What was a big influence to you?

The first influence I had was illustrator Miyuki Morimoto. When I was 23 years old, I sent her a book of my printed works and she kindly wrote back to me. I met her several times since then and learnt many things from her feminine style. I really have to give her credit for making me the person I am today.

However, right now, I’m more inclined to reflect on myself and immerse in my own sensibilities.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say that it’s a style that expresses that twinge of heart, as I mentioned earlier. Many of my works focus on a single feature – like the face or the lips – but when a beautiful countenance gives me that twinge, everything else, including the surroundings and the details of the hair doesn’t register in my mind. I only draw parts and features, because I want to express that attraction, that moment of the twinge of heart in a more essential way, and I think I can better convey it without dilution that way.

Finally, what would be a challenge for you?

I would like to do a large scale exhibition and the publication of a collection of my works.

Here’s OHGUSHI’s wrap sheet;


Japan / VOGUE

Hong Kong /
Wonderland, The Age of Feminine Drowing, SISTER (Book Cover), Egg

France / TWILL

Canada / Bliss


shu uemura, HARBIS PLAZA ENT, Kanebo.



OHGUSHI 「Particles」(Tokyo,Japan)

Line of Style:
Fashion Illustration/Gallery Nucleus (L.A,USA)




EXPRESS: Illustrating Happiness@ Conpound Gallery (Washington,USA)

+81 10th Anniversary
Exhibition「biishiki」/Esso Gallery(N,Y,USA)

“Hide and Seek” with Hello Kitty Exhibition /The Arts Hous (Singapore)

The apartment loves
Artillery /The Apt (N,Y,USA)


KITTY30th “Hide and Seek” /Hong Kong art center (Hong Kong)

GALLERY (Tokyo,Japan)

NEW YORK ADC 84TH Merit Award (May 2005)

Check out OHGUSHI’s captivating technique below:

August 11, 2011

The Big Fashion Sale!

August 8, 2011

Perfect timing… Get amongst it!

The end for them is the beginning for us…