This Russian-born, Melbourne/Sydney based model is taking Australia by storm and has been cited as the next big thing to come out of our country. At just 163cm, the 20-year-old has been turned down by major agencies because she’s too short, she was the shortest model at RAFW this year. But, with a magazine cover and a string of fashion shoots, including four with Grazia magazine and Oyster safely tucked in her folio, she now aims to be the next Kate Moss. We think she’s just beautiful with her bright bleached blonde hair and eyebrows, big eyes and perfect pout.

Her thing :

  • H.  Blonde
  • E.  Green
  • H.  164cm/5’4.5″
  • B.  80cm/31.5″ C
  • W.  64cm/25″
  • H.  84 cm/33″
  • Sh.  37 EU/6 US/4 UK
  • D.  35 EU/5 US/7 UK

Whatcha think?

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