Fun Bags

A couple of years ago on a cold wintery night, I decided to brave the crispy air and head down to the Finders Keepers Markets at Carriageworks in the inner west. I am so glad that I did because I wouldn’t have this piece here to show-off. I always get compliments and it never fails to jazz up a boring LBD. So who am I talking about? LOLA&BAILEY is the label and they have the most bangin’ accessories I’ve ever come across. Two besties Theresa Nguyen and Cheri Flewell-Smith started in 2007 and have created not only necklaces and brooches but really COOL totes. Long Live McQueen tote was published in the Allen & Unwin, McQueen tribute book. AWESOME!

Have a browse through their brand spankin’ new website here and start shopping.

R&H loves L&B



One Comment to “Fun Bags”

  1. I love the simplicity of their jewelry & their bags are fun, thanks for sharing!

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