Animal Kingdom – Winner of TROPFEST 2011

Funniest beat box we’ve seen since  ‘Flight of the Concords’…

And just a few sneaky pics…..




One Comment to “Animal Kingdom – Winner of TROPFEST 2011”

  1. I believe Tropfest started with good intentions
    But now around the world there is an endless juggernaut of film festivals. One has to ask how 700 x entry fees at $ 40 for the privilege of making a commissioned work for a festival benefits the film maker. In paying their fee film makers consume thousands of dollars in value of labour and equipment use just for an empty promise. On top of that you sign away up all your rights to the organisers. How crazy is that?
    In some festivals there is no transparency in the judging process There is no assurance that the film has even been viewed. In the US there is a class action against Sundance. It is alleged that there is not even enough physical time available for the judges to look through entries.
    Just look critically at Withoutabox once you start using it you get very cynical of the whole scene.. Some film festivals have lost their way and just seem to be about their own self promotion.

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