Tropfest is doing the rounds again, and we’ll be there this Sunday 20th at The Domain with a picnic blanket, an esky and our plastic champagne flutes.

Tropfest is a free event screening of short film finalists from all over the world. So if your keen to join, heres the rundown for the day…

11am Grounds Open / Trop Jr 2011 Festival Program Commences

3pm Movie Extra Tropfest 2011 Festival Program Starts
4pm Live DJ Set
5.20pm Live performance by Jonathan Boulet
6pm Purple Carpet Opens / MAX TropScore Winner’s Performance
6.20pm VIP Purple Carpet Highlights
7.15pm Live broadcast from Sydney to around Australia / Telstra Mobile Masterpieces Finalists Films
7.30pm Official Festival Program & Movie Extra Broadcast commence
8pm Movie Extra Tropfest Finalists – Part 1
8.50pm Intermission
9.10pm Movie Extra Tropfest Finalists – Part 2
10pm Judging Timeout
10.15pm Awards Ceremony & 2012 TSI Announcement
10.40pm Live performance by Baby Animals

Tropfest have some Free stuff happening as well so check it out…
See you there coolies!!!


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