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February 28, 2011

Stuck in a Rutt

Loving the front cover of NO, one of our favourite Aussie models is being cheekier than ever and looking cuter than a button!  Her name is Rachael Rutt and she has the sexiest freckles we’ve ever seen.

February 25, 2011

Thank F**k It’s Friday!!

We cannot stop listening to James Blake; his music is truly amazing. He takes you to another world… and quite frankly, we would love to be anywhere else other than sitting here in the office.

Bring on 5pm people!

February 24, 2011

Toogood to be true

Lillie Toogood is the ‘boss lady’ of this cool site All of the prints are designed by her and we are loving the new calico tote bags she’s printed.. we LOVE bags! She sells tees for the boys at a “cheap as chups” price range (Yes she is kiwi and we dig it!).  So if  you need to buy something for your man, your bub or your bro check out the shop. If you love it and want to be  in the know of allthingsgood (or you just want to have a little stalk) visit her FB page .

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February 23, 2011

Wink Wink, It’s Mink Pink!

Rain&Hale has fallen in love with Mink Pink’s new collection for Fall 2011.

We’ll have one of each please!

To view the whole collection click HERE


February 22, 2011

NYC Fashion Week – FALL 2011

Fashion Week has started and has again inspired us all for the cooler months ahead! We do love Summer but we must admit we are super excited about layering and wearing chunky hunky knits and also not giving a shit about what our hair looks like. Natural and minimum effort is the key to the style… if that’s not your thing; rebels dye it bright pink or purple and let it fade out. The colour palette is lush and darker than ever; Chocolate, berry, navy blue and a dash of nude are heading to our closets for Autumn (as well as the blackest black of course). To complete the look, get out that chocolate lippy you once used coz it’s baaack! (We recommend you buy a new one though – crusty much?)

Keep an eye on us for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be showing you our fav looks from each city; starting with the big apple. Very tasty.

*Photos courtesy of STYLE.COM &

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February 21, 2011

Animal Kingdom – Winner of TROPFEST 2011

Funniest beat box we’ve seen since  ‘Flight of the Concords’…

And just a few sneaky pics…..



February 19, 2011

THE BOOKS; not what they seem…

Friday night at Seymour Centre’s York theatre was… different, to say the least.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but New York bred trio ‘The Books’ are charmingly unique and geeky.

Their whimsical mix of guitar, violin, cello, synth (amongst other things) as well as a laptop (with remote), has a curious element of dark humour to it, with a seemingly haphazard mix of random clips to accompany their songs, that somehow end up making complete sense, as you will see…

This one is a bit dark, but thats why we like it, and a bit of a laugh. Its called ‘A cold freezin’ night’.


February 19, 2011

To market to market…To Rozelle markets!

February 18, 2011


Tropfest is doing the rounds again, and we’ll be there this Sunday 20th at The Domain with a picnic blanket, an esky and our plastic champagne flutes.

Tropfest is a free event screening of short film finalists from all over the world. So if your keen to join, heres the rundown for the day…

11am Grounds Open / Trop Jr 2011 Festival Program Commences

3pm Movie Extra Tropfest 2011 Festival Program Starts
4pm Live DJ Set
5.20pm Live performance by Jonathan Boulet
6pm Purple Carpet Opens / MAX TropScore Winner’s Performance
6.20pm VIP Purple Carpet Highlights
7.15pm Live broadcast from Sydney to around Australia / Telstra Mobile Masterpieces Finalists Films
7.30pm Official Festival Program & Movie Extra Broadcast commence
8pm Movie Extra Tropfest Finalists – Part 1
8.50pm Intermission
9.10pm Movie Extra Tropfest Finalists – Part 2
10pm Judging Timeout
10.15pm Awards Ceremony & 2012 TSI Announcement
10.40pm Live performance by Baby Animals

Tropfest have some Free stuff happening as well so check it out…
See you there coolies!!!

February 15, 2011

Show your FACE for OZ Fashion

For just today and tomorrow, FACE Fashion Event celebrates its fifth year featuring the future of Australian fashion design over two nights held at the spectacular catwalk at Audi Centre Sydney.

The annual event offers ten of the country’s most promising fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their collections to Sydney’s fashion media, industry and the general public in their hope to become the next generation of must-have labels.

FACE Fashion has supported numerous young talents, providing them with showcasing and work experience opportunities, previously helping launch the careers of successful designers Michael Lo Sordo, known for his luxe fabrics and unique prints; denim label Trash Tusa, by brothers Travers and Ashton Chue; and Pizzuto, strong silhouetted womenswear by Suzie Rose.

This year, ten young and upcoming designers will send their collections down the catwalk hoping to impress the audience with their flair and creativity. You are invited to be part of the action with tickets on sale for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s showing. Tickets include complimentary canapés and drinks, FACE Fashion gift bags and exclusive entry to the event wrap party.

When: Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th February

Where: Audi Centre Sydney, 895 South Dowling Street, Zetland

How much: From $65 per person/one night and $95 per person/two nights

Get Tickets: Stickytickets

Have a sticky:

(Participating designer: Gossip Couture)