Iron deficient?

How do you say yummo in Portuguese? Churrasco. Pronounced shoo-has-co, Churrasco is a Portuguese and Brazilian term for barbecue. And Churrasco on William Street is the place to find the best of it. This is not the place to take your vego friend and hope they will find something on the menu. Firstly, there is no menu, secondly this is no place for the poultry challenged.

The first thing you’ll notice is a uniquely informal seating arrangement consisting of viking style wooden tables spanning the length of the room. The restaurant is dimly lit and intimate, upbeat and warm with chatter that rises and meets in the air promoting an intimate atmosphere that makes you forget that you are practically sitting on a strangers lap.

The most beautiful waitresses with sexy accents only compliment the amazing food that stream by and are served straight from the spit onto your plate. All food is slow roasted on traditional spit roasts, flowing out and around tables; Marinated chicken, thick crispy chorizo, charred zucchini, a virtual plethora of steak cooked to perfection, cinnamon pineapple that melts in your mouth, and heaps more to keep your stomach, and your eyes, full.

They also have a great selection of beer and wine to compliment your meal, which is a very reasonable flat rate of $40 per person. As much as you can stomach.
Be sure to make a reservation as it is always buzzing.


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