OMG – What the fact?

What the hell is up with this picture? Well apart from it just being über hilarious, it featured today as part of a post about how smart orangutans are. And, well, apparently they’re pretty smart.

It all started about a week ago when we had a few friends bursting into real social exchanges, declaring useless facts about unimportant things; staring at breasts helps men live longer? WTF? A woman legally married the Eiffel Tower? Are you serious? The answer is yes. It’s all true. Updated every day on the free App OMGFacts‘. Its full of witty and intellectual content, but most of all it cracks you up when you need it most. The creators have a string of similar websites to stalk through, all accessible through their original twitter site.

Check it

Image provided by (The name says it all)


Whatcha think?

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